Special Projects


Special Projects

These projects mean the world to me! Well, not the world, but perhaps a small country.



I joined the Talisman as design editor my senior year at Western Kentucky University, when I was a wee bit burned out from daily news work. Deadlines can be addicting, but every once in a while you want more than a few days worth of time to complete a project. Joining the Talisman, at the time the university’s annual, was a chance to do just that. When you think “yearbook” you probably thing bad fonts and half of the pages being mugshots of students, but the Talisman was more of a coffee table book that used long-form narrative stories and photos to tell the story of a year at WKU.

Over the course of the year, I, along with my co-editor, got to completely build the book from the ground up. Shape, cover, size, fonts, colors, everything you can think of was in our control, along with a really great team of student editors and a pretty amazing adviser.

As a whole, this is probably (definitely) the proudest of a design product I’ve ever been. To the left is a shot of the cover and spine, and below is a slideshow for your sliding convenience with some of my favorite spreads.

Fleischaker/Greene capstone project

For my journalism capstone, I chose to enroll in the Fleischaker/Greene project course. Instead of a standard advanced reporting class where I would spend a semester reporting out one story, this class was a combination of a political science and journalism class where the goal was to put together an informative and journalistic website at the end of the course on the history and current state of voting right in the United States.

I was the project’s web and graphics editor, coordinating the charts and data analysis that would go with each post on the site. I also hand coded the entire website, along with copy editing copy. To the right you can click through to the site, or look below for a gallery of some of the graphics I completed for the site.

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 6.27.45 PM.png

Mayberry on Mushrooms

While I was digital editor at the College Heights Herald, I was approached by the writer and photographer/videographer of this project to produce the website.

Because I hate myself, I mean love being creative, I decided to handcode this entire baby. Mind the technical glitches (it’s been a few years since it pubbed and it is a little wonky in places), but I’m still proud of how the finished product looks. Click the picture to the left or just on this sentence to take a peak on the end all, be all story on the Bowling Green, Kentucky, music scene.